Best Electric Shaver - Philips? Braun? Panasonic? Chinese?


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Hi. I see all of these shavers online and they all claim to be the best. I want to make the switch to electric shaving, but where do I start? I also see a lot of shavers on Chinese sites like AliExpress, and they appear to be knock-offs. Any advice?

Welcome, Ben. I'm partial to Philips. Whatever razor you buy, buy it from Amazon and make sure it is both shipped and sold by Amazon so you can return it easily if necessary. Give it a fair trial (three weeks) and return it if it doesn't perform as you'd like. Then, try other brands like Braun, Remington and Panasonic. I'd try the mid-range models.

I don't think you're a cheapskate, Ben. Thanks for the update. The Philips Norelco S1016 is a fine razor. I'm glad you bought it on Amazon. As I said, returns are easy there if you need to return it. It's a little more leg-work returning a razor bought directly from the Philips site. Keep us posted.

I think this has become quite fuzzy as I have noticed a few ? premium make razors (usually low end) offered as Chinese branded the question is....which came first? I would hazard a guess that a lot of production has been relocated to save costs and support may be the only benefit gained from buying an established brand.
I would agree with that. I have some advice for people who want to try out a Chinese razor. These razors are all over AliExpress and they're equally all over Amazon. If you want to try one of these Chinese razors, get it from Amazon and make sure at the very least that it is shipped by Amazon so that a return will be easy if you experience problems with it. If you get one from AliExpress and it doesn't live up to your expectations, returning something bought on AliExpress is done at your own expense and AliExpress is notoriously difficult to deal with.