Braun 790c operation question


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Hello Jim, et all. Nice to have your forum back!

I am on my 2nd 790 and just noticed that there are little buttons next to the blue light indicating + and -. I looked up their function and besides changing the light from blue to green, they somehow accomodate sensitive skin. Does anyone know how it does that and if it's effective? I don't personally need that feature but it would be good to know, it may come in handy some day. Thanks,

Lar, welcome back! The little plus and minus buttons control the RPM of the razor. Adjusting the speed can affect how fast or how many razor passes touch each area of the skin.

Jim, thanks for the prompt reply! Seems like a trade off, with more shaver strokes needed due to a slower, less effective blade speed. Maybe it is moot with a heavier beard like mine. Luckily, I don't get much shaver irritation. Thanks again. Oh, the new 9 Series seems to have mixed reviews on Amazon. Any perspective on that?
From what I've heard, the Series 9 Pro and Series 9 Pro+ shave quality is pretty much the same. Reviews I've seen are mostly positive, with the 9 Pro+ getting slightly less favourable reviews. With the generous return policy of Braun, couple with the fact that Braun appears to be one of the only razor manufacturers where their razors are built to last, getting one of the new 9s may be well worth it. I'm thinking of getting one myself.

If you do, I would love to read about your observations. I have been happy with my 790c but I think the quality of the replacement blades has gone downhill. My original set lasted for years, the new ones maybe a year or less.
Of course. I will gladly post a full review here once I pick up one of the new Brauns. What year did you buy the 790?