Cleaning Philips Razors

Here is my cleaning routine that I have used for decades for Philips razors. Of course, with the new wet/dry razors that are waterproof for cleaning purposes or shaving in the shower, this routine differs, which I will go into. Disassemble the razor's head assembly, and soak one cutter/razor head set at a time in rubbing alcohol. Put aside each cutter/head set on a towel after removing from the alcohol and clean the next set in the same way until all three sets have been cleaned. Brush out the hair from the hair chamber with the supplied brush. With the newer waterproof razors, the hair chamber can be rinsed under the tap instead of brushing out the hair. I still recommend using the rubbing alcohol method to clean the cutter/head sets of the waterproof razors, however. You're not going to remove facial oils, etc. just using water. If you're using an older razor, re-assemble the head assembly and then spray some electric razor lubricant over the head assembly and turn on the razor to help distribute the lubricant. You can also use a drop of baby oil or light machine oil on each of the cutter/head sets instead of electric razor lubricant. If you're using a newer, waterproof razor, allow it to dry first (my preference) and then follow up with either a spray of electric razor lubricant or a drop of baby oil/light machine oil on each of the cutter/head sets.