Customer Experience at Mercury Shaver Centre: A Cautionary Tale for Canadian Shavers

Jim Elliott

Staff member
Greetings, Electric Razor Rap community,

I wanted to share my recent experience with Mercury Shaver Centre, the sole Braun-authorized service centre in Canada. My intention is to shed light on the customer service standards observed at this establishment, as well as to provide insights for fellow Canadians who may consider seeking repairs or making purchases here.

On March 16, I placed an order for a Philips OneBlade through Mercury Shaver Centre, opting for expedited shipping with a tracking number. However, after a week had passed, I hadn't received any updates on the status of my order. Concerned, I reached out to Mercury Shaver Centre via Facebook Messenger on March 23, seeking clarification and the promised tracking number. Disappointingly, I was informed that the store was closed that day and would only reopen on Monday, March 25. Despite the assurance of a tracking number and a full refund, the communication and service fell short of expectations.

When I followed up on March 25, I was met with further disappointment. Mercury Shaver Centre was unable to provide any tracking information for my order and instead issued a full refund, attributing the lack of tracking to an inability to locate the information. This lack of transparency and failure to fulfill promises regarding order processing and communication left me dissatisfied with the customer service experience.

In light of this encounter, I've explored alternative authorized service centres, focusing on options available in the US, to identify potential alternatives for Canadians seeking repairs or purchases. My aim is to ensure that others in our community are aware of the available options and can make informed decisions regarding their electric shaving needs.

I encourage you to share your own experiences and insights, and together, we can navigate the landscape of electric shaving with greater awareness and confidence.