Electric Razor Rap Membership Referral Program

Jim Elliott

Staff member
Hello Electric Razor Rap Community,

Exciting news! We're thrilled to kick off the Electric Razor Rap Merchandise Referral Program—a fantastic opportunity for you and your friends to snag some exclusive forum gear.

How It Works: Refer your friends, family, or anyone intrigued by electric shaving to join Electric Razor Rap. The best part? Both you and your referral will snag an awesome piece of Electric Razor Rap merchandise with just one successful referral! The more referrals, the more merchandise given out.

Incredible Rewards:

  • Electric Razor Rap T-Shirt: Show your forum pride in a sleek Gildan tee.
  • Electric Razor Rap Hoodie: Stay cozy and stylish with a Gildan hoodie.
  • Electric Razor Rap Coffee Mug: Sip in style with our exclusive Electric Razor Rap mug.
  • Electric Razor Rap Baseball Cap: Top off your look with our forum-branded baseball cap.
How to Get Your Gear:

  1. Spread the Word: Tell your network why Electric Razor Rap is the ultimate hub for electric shaving enthusiasts.
  2. Referral Mention: When your referrals sign up, ask them to mention your name in their introduction post.
Tracking and Merchandise Delivery: We'll manually track successful referrals based on mentions in the introduction thread. Once your referral signs up, both of you will be eligible to choose from the Electric Razor Rap T-shirt, hoodie, coffee mug or baseball cap.

Claiming Your Merch: Contact me via email (jim at electricrazorrap dot com or "contact us" at the bottom of each forum page) or private message with your mailing address and the desired size (for hoodie or T-shirt), if applicable.

Ready for Swag? Start Referring: Invite your buddies, family, or anyone curious about electric shaving to join Electric Razor Rap. Let's gear them up and score some exclusive forum merchandise together!

Cheers to Electric Razor Rap swag and a growing community!