Electric Shave of the Day (ESOTD)

Sunday 24th March

Remington F6 Aqua - Gold Pre Electric - Pashana Bay Rum

First time using the F6. It was a very good shave....but I need to get used to the head size. It is much bigger than the smaller razors I have been using

Sunday, March 24, 2024:

As a current head shaver, I used this today to shave my head. It goes by a variety of different names depending on the site you get it from. I got mine from AliExpress in December of 2022, and it was listed as the 9D head shaver. With the number of heads this razor has, you'd think the shave would be quick, but it takes a while to be shave your head fully. The Philishave S3552 I use with just three heads does a better job and is more comfortable, but the 9D does get the job done.

I followed up the shave with some Lubriderm three-in-one lotion. The Lubriderm appears to have been discontinued. I bought it a couple of years ago, and still have quite a bit left because over the last couple of years I had been getting my head shaved at a barbershop before settling back in to electric head shaving again now. Amazon shows the Lubriderm at a ridiculous price per bottle ($77) which is usually a good indicator that it is discontinued. The Lubriderm really absorbs into the head quickly, which I like. It was the best part of the shave.

I made a video of today's shave which I will post tomorrow on Electric Razor Rap's YouTube channel and here, as well.


Monday, March 25, 2024:

Philishave S3552
Osage Rub

Give Osage Rub a try if you like menthol. I love the cooling sensation even in winter.

Osage Rub.jpg
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I have merged all of the ESOTD posts into one thread. I had envisioned having a separate thread for each day, but this works, too.

Today I used my Norelco 3000 series. It takes longer than my Panasonic Arc 5, but it's so much quieter! It's jarring to hear a loud dentist drill sound in the morning - the Arc 5 sounds like that! But, the Arc 5 is the best closest shaver. Decisions, decisions!
Wednesday 27th March

Andis TS-2 - Williams Lectric Shave - Yardley Gentleman Urbane - Cetaphil Moisturiser

A great shave today....still feels very good 9 hrs on! My needs are not very challenging as I shave every day and as is probably obvious......I am approaching thing from the lower end of the market!
Today's shave is the same as yesterday's. I'm really looking forward to these new razors arriving.

Thursday, March 28, 2024:

Philishave HS555
Lubriderm men's three-in-one lotion