Head Shaver Recommendation

Joe W

New member
Hello again.

I'm looking to add head shaving to my grooming routine and I need some recommendations for an electric razor that does a great job on the scalp. While I already am seeking options on the two shavers I have mentioned here in another post, I'm searching for one that can handle the head effectively. In other words, I'm looking for separate shaver for my head. Thanks!

- j
Hi again, Joe. As you can see by my avatar, I shave my head and I actually have a couple of different head razors. My most recent one is rechargeable and has nine heads (attached). It does a decent job, although it is rough on my head and takes a while to shave.

My preferred razor for my head is the BaBylissPRO FoilFX. The one thing about foils and rotary razors that has remained true still is, though. Rotary razors can shave short and longer hair, while foils work best on short hair. However, the BaBylissPRO FoilFX can shave my head a lot faster than the nine-headed rotary can. I recommend it over the nine-headed razor.


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