Kemei Brand

I read that Brian from the board here uses a Kemei 2024 shaver. How long does it take you to shave, Brian?

Actual shaving excluding prep.....3 to 4 minutes. I wet shave with single edge Barber razors as well on occasion and have my stubble direction pretty well mapped and know the optimum direction for maximum efficiency. I use either pre electric lotion or wet shave. Results are excellent although not quite as close as with an open blade. The preparation is the key to a good result. I also shave every that probably helps as well.
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Definitely. I'd also be interested in seeing how this razor performs on the head. I am thinking of buying one to test it out.

That would be interesting. I don't head shave yet but I am happy with mine. Bear in mind that I have a 20 year gap in my knowledge and experience of electric razor technology!
There would appear to be more to Kemei than the 2024. I also have a 2026 with variable power. The 1102 and TX 10 are incoming. I will report when they arrive.