New Electric Razor And Accessory Acquisitions


I am relatively new to the game and want to be tempted. Tell us about your new acquisitions (with pictures). I really really need someone to blame!
I don't have it in my possession yet, but here is a picture of the razor I will order shortly: the Braun Series 9 PRO+. I will update this thread with my actual images once I get the razor. As mentioned, I will also order a Kemei 2024 soon, as well.


Looking forward to that. It will be good to see a considered opinion. A lot of reviews I see on razors are given by those who seem to have no understanding of pre and post shave care. At the moment I seem to be chasing quantity rather than quality....Perhaps some day!
Real pictures of the Kemei 2024 will follow, as well. Here it is for those curious.


I will also be chasing quantity, as well, for reviews here. I'll get the above high-end Braun, the Kemei 2024 for travel purposes and any other razors the members here want to see reviews on.

I must admit....I do like the retro look.of the 2024. I have a couple of extras inbound. It's actually cheaper to buy the new razor than replacement of the foils/cutters. It does shave rather well. The only bummer is the 8 hr charge
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