New Norelco vs. older Norelco?


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Glad to see the board back!

I have an older Norelco AT800 series that uses the classic round heads and cutters. I'd like to get a newer one, but noticed all the higher end new ones have strange flat spots extending from the round head surround. Wouldn't that make it harder to use under the nose and in close spots?
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I'm very happy to have brought it back, my friend.

That certainly appears to be the case. Definitely an odd design. Only the 9000 Prestige series has the rounded edges. I guess you could try one of the new ones with the flat spots and see if you can get under the nose, etc. Norelco's money-back guarantee still applies, and if you buy from Amazon, it's even easier to return. If someone has tried one of these newer razors with the flat edges, please weigh in.

You can see all the plastic around the round foils. Those edges can only get in the way!

I just ordered a 3000 series, which has the vintage style round head I know. And, always loved since Santa rode that triple header in the commercials!

Nice. I own a razor in that same series (Philishave S3552/89). Yours is Indonesia-made, however, and mine is made in the Netherlands. Both razors take SH30 heads, though. Good razor. I also have given the Philips S3233/52 as a gift, and in fact, your exact model, as well. I love that series. The only reason I went with the Philishave S3552/89 for myself is because the SH30 heads included with it come with the "wings" that prevent the outer heads from spinning when the blades are spinning. The Indonesia-made models' heads lack these "wings," but when buying a new set of Philips SH30, they do come with the "wings."

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Interesting! I looked at that 3552, but wanted a wet/dry version. Way easy to just rinse it clean!

I didn’t know the heads are different! Wonder how much money Philips saved by not adding the wings? Sad!
The Philishave S3552/89 can be rinsed clean, as well, but only for cleaning purposes. It can't be used wet. Yes, Philips seems to be cutting costs where they can.

I guess every shaver head is "rinsable"if you're careful, but I like to give the whole thing a soaping and rinsing - gets all the little hairs out from behind the trimmer, etc.

I think the shavers are becoming more and more disposable every year - but are more comfortable shaves. I had a "Piano black" Norelco (the one used in the Bond movie Die Another Day I think). It was a quality piece, with a nice leather travel case. Yet it made my neck red and irritated. Maybe the older "lift and cut" technology didn't agree with my skin?
Electric razors are definitely are becoming more disposable. That's why shaver service centres no longer exist. When we have a problem with our razors, we're expected to return them to the manufacturer under warranty where they likely replace the whole thing. I miss the days of service centres, and getting that little leaflet packaged with each razor that listed all of the service centres in Canada.

It's definitely possible that the older Lift and Cut technology didn't agree with your skin. As you mentioned, these newer razors are more comfortable. I only wish we had more options in terms of service, proper travel cases, etc.

Yup, like big screen TVs (and most electronics today), if they break, buy another one!

I really do miss the nice travel cases and service centers. I remember going to the Remington service center in NYC with my Micro Screen ("so good I bought the company") and getting it serviced (new switch)!

Today, it's almost cheaper to find another shaver than replacing the heads!
I agree, I’m liking the 3000 shaver! Especially when I found out it’s $75 to replace the head and cutters of my Panasonic Arc 5!
Definitely a good series, the 3000. I hope Philips continues making replacement heads for a long time to come.

Several years ago, before Philips discontinued both the HQ5 and HQ2 razor heads (for my HQ5401 and HS555 respectively), my contact at Philips in the Netherlands gave me a heads up, and I bought all the Philips HQ2 and HQ5 razor heads I could on eBay. I have enough razor heads for both razors to last 20 years, easily.