Jim Elliott

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I have decided to devote this thread to you discussing how you came into the world of electric shaving, etc., your first electric razor, etc. When I was seven years old, as mentioned in the newspaper article posted here, my dad had me shave his face with an old Philishave from the 60s that he had gotten from his dad. I knew from that point on that when I begin shaving, I'd use an electric razor, as well. My first electric was a Philishave HS555 cord-only model.


My name is Mark. I am 63. I have used electric razors since I was 18. My first one was a Remington Radial foil shaver. My dad and grandpa had used electric razors, so it was only natural that I would, too.
I'm Chris. I was a lurker of the old Electric Razor Rap board back to the days of ezboard right through to SuddenLaunch. It's good to see the board back for good. I'm 48 years old, and I have used several electric shavers. My current shaver is a Philips Norelco Shaver S9000 Prestige (SP9871/13). I'm not thrilled with it, but more on that in another thread. Good to finally be posting!
Terry here from Montreal. Like Chris, I was a reader of the old Electric Razor Rap. It's a shame that the old SuddenLaunch board went down, but I'll do what I can to build this one. I've used electric shavers for 15 years. I ordered a BaBylissPRO as mentioned in that thread, but returned it. Currently growing a beard until I decide which shaver will be my next.

Brian...66 living in Wales. When I was a lot younger I used to use a Remington Micro Screen. I moved on to traditional wet shaving with a blade and brush etc as I could never get a close enough finish to avoid 'killing' all my shirt collars. A recent health scare made me realise that I would not be able to take all my paraphernalia with me if I had to go to hospital and there are now no collar worries as I am retired. Technology would appear to have moved on. I dipped my toes with a cheap Kemei 2024 and have been pleasantly surprised. I still look presentable at the end of the day! I have a Panasonic 4 blade on order. I will still continue with the traditional wet shave but it is good to have other options.