Remington Shaver Saver - Discontinued?


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What has happened to Remington Shaver Saver? The only place I see it for sale is Mercury Shaver Center in Canada. It hasn't been available in stores for a good long while, either. Other listings online for it, you click them and it says "out of stock."
It looks like it is discontinued, but I emailed Empower Brands, Inc. (Remington) to be sure. I'll keep you posted. If you're in the US, you can order Eltron (formerly Parks) Shave Ease. I had a can back when they agreed to ship to Canada. They don't now. Absolutely ridiculous price now, though. $20 per can?! You'd be better off using mineral or baby oil.

I just heard back from Remington. The product has been discontinued. See their email below.


Spectrum Brands is constantly reviewing the products we sell and it was a business decision to stop selling this product.