Review - BaBylissPRO FoilFX Cord Cordless Metal Double Foil Shaver

Jim Elliott

Staff member

I bought the BaBylissPRO FoilFX razor shortly after I began shaving my head in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. It is claimed that this razor has a three-hour run time, but that wasn't my experience. I had it replaced, and still got nowhere near three hours of run time. It was closer to an hour.

You can see from the photo that fingerprints are easily visible on this razor, but that's a minor issue. It's a heavy razor and it feels good in the hand.

With any foil razor, the hair needs to be fairly short in order to shave well, so I wouldn't recommend going any more than three days between shaves. It does a good job. It's much faster and closer than any of the rechargeable, multi-headed razors all over AliExpress and Amazon being marketed as head shavers. Again, though, the key is to shave your head with this razor when your hair is short.

The battery issue on both razors prevent me from giving this razor five stars. I give it ⭐⭐⭐.

When did you buy this razor, Jim? I picked one up on Amazon six weeks ago and it also had the battery issue. Unbelievable. I assume it's been a few years since you bought yours. I returned it, needless to say. Good shave, though.

Hi, Terry. I bought it in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. It's odd that razors sold on Amazon four years later still have the battery issue. Not a lot of quality control with BaByliss, it appears.