Review - Philips Norelco Shaver S9000 Prestige - SP9871/13

Chris K.

New member
Hi, guys. As mentioned in the re-introductions thread, I have a Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige - SP9871/13. As I mentioned in that thread, I'm not too happy with it. It seems that the more complex these things get (it even has an APP, if you can believe it), the worse the shave is and the fewer accessories that are offered. As an example, my razor came with no head protection cap. My biggest problem, though is that there is too much space around the shaving heads. One of the members of the old Electric Razor Rap board, I think his last name was Knight, mentioned turning your Norelco upside down and get the hair directly under your nose with the bottom shaving head. That is now impossible due to this extra space between each of the heads.

The shave was okay, certainly nothing over and above the shaves I used to get with my old Norelco 9160XL. I guess the takeaway here, as well as my advice, is that the razors with all the bells and whistles won't necessarily shave the best. Luckily, I'm still within the 45-day return period, so it's going back to Philips where I ordered it. The guy here, Ben I think his name is, who went with the Philips Norelco S1016, I think I'll buy that one, as well. The SP9871/13 gets two thumbs down from me.

Chris, welcome. I appreciate your review. That is definitely true. Since all razors in a series shave identically, all you end of paying for is bells and whistles. I wonder why Philips made the move to put so much space around the shaving heads of their current razors. It's definitely not a benefit.

By the way, you are correct. The member of the old board who gave the shaving tip of turning your Philips/Norelco razor upside down to shave the hair under your nose did have the surname of Knight. Chuck Knight. Hopefully he re-joins us at some point.