Electric Shave of the Day (ESOTD)

Thursday 4th April

Xiaomi S300
Lectric Shave

2nd shave with this razor. I don't have much experience with rotary models .....so I need a few more to get used to the format.
It shaves well...but not as close as a foil. Disappointingly although sold on Amazon....the manual is Chinese only
The consensus seems to be just that: that rotaries don't shave as close as foils. I've never tried a foil on my face, but as mentioned in another thread here, I used a foil on my head. It not only gave me a closer shave, but faster, too.
Friday, April 5, 2024

Philips S3332/54
Osage Rub

I used the last of my Osage Rub today, and according to the website I get it from, it's out of stock and two to four weeks away.
Friday 12th April

Kemei 1102 - Medipure Body Powder - Jovan Musk - Cerave Moisturiser

The Kemi 1102 design is a dry only razor....similar in design to the Andis but with a pop up trimmer and an 8hr charge for 45min shaving time. Results were excellent with the usual caveat....I shave little and often. A compressed air duster was introduced for cleaning.
Saturday 20th April

Lectric Pre Shave- Kemei 1102 - 4711 Aftershave - Cerave Moisturiser

A lovely shave today. The 1102 is less harsh than my Remington F6. I seem to prefer the smaller profile heads and get a more comfortable shave with them